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"Making you the Musician you want to be"

From bedroom to stage,  whatever your dream, these courses will get you playing guitar the way you want by following a structured and fun curriculum. All ages and abilities!



Frustrated learning the guitar?

Would love to get better but feel like you have no time to make any real progress?

Don’t know where to start with all the methods online?

Learn guitar from the comfort of your own home 


Individual Lessons to excel learning at a faster rate.


dmmusic tuition will make guitar playing easier, simpler, more fun and you will see real gains in less time! 

from £10 per lesson


Not Sure what 

direction to take?

Private lessons too


Structure lessons for

unbelievable value.

from £2 per month!!

Give it a try! 


Guitar Tuition 

All ages, all abilities

30 lessons a year

(10 per term)

When the hall re opens 

lessons will start. But 

why not try my patreon?


About DM

Music Tuition

I am very passionate about teaching and my main goal is to find every students voice and strive to reach their goals. There is so much learning material on the internet, its very hard to know what route to take. Having hands on, face to face structured lessons is the only way to really progress. My very own curriculum has been design so every student comes away a self efficient, well rounded and creative musician. You will reach your desired goals in the most fun and structured way. 

I welcome any student to come and take the challenge to see how far you can go! 5 stages and 5 levels. Beginner to pro! 

Guitar lessons are based in and around Barnham,, West Sussex. I'm currently holding workshops, courses at Barnham Community Hall. Ironically the room is called "The Marshall Room" :)

What else do you offer?

  • Beginner, Intermediate and advanced courses All ages, you can start at any age! 

  • Acoustic, Classical and electric guitar styles.

  • Structured Curriculum 

  • Group Lessons. These can be really fun and interactive and have a good competitive environment 

  • Group lessons keep cost down 

  • Please get in touch and we can talk about what you want from guitar lessons. 

  • Look out for Free Taster Workshops. Email me so i can give you updates

Contact Dean

"Dean would always produce well structured lesson plans tailored to my specific needs, which ranged from beginner lead playing through to more advanced styles such as jazz. Dean's lessons are relaxed, and he always makes sure you understand a topic before moving on. In the 7 years Dean taught me I developed significantly as a guitarist and  a musician. I achieved grade 8 distinction, gigged extensively and i'm now studying at Academy of Contemporary music pursing a career in music"

— Alfie Palmer 2019

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