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THE Real Reason Progress on Guitar Is Slow

What Can I do about it?

After teaching for 15 years + I see students progress at different speeds. This can be various things, how much practice you do, how many days etc.

But one notable thing that isn't as obvious is passion for music and goals.

Many students aren't sure what music they like, don't mind what they learn and they don't have a particular goal. This sends alarm bells to me as there is no need or desire to learn and practice.

However, if you have a targeted goal and passion for a music type you will need and want to pick up the guitar on a regular basis.

For example, I had a gig over the summer. I had to learn 35 songs in 2 weeks. This put a deadline and precise task I had to meet. I practiced 200% more than normal!


Think about a Goal. You can have multiple goals, big or small

Then think about a deadline and a precise task you need to achieve this by?


1. "I want to achieve grade 6 by University"

2. I want to play in front of my family and play 3 songs after dinner on christmas eve.

3. Play in front of 80,000 people by the time i'm 25 4. Learn A minor pentatonic at 80bpm in 2 weeks time


Get a passion for music. Make a thing to listen to music if you don't already and make notes on music you might like. Spotify, apple music and youtube are excellent platforms as the AI sends new recommendations based on previous music you have listen too.

Music is always around us to shops, tv programmes, games, movies and parents music collection.

Thanks for your time to read this.

Please ask if you have any questions and hope that was helpful?

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