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The Ultimate Practice Tool For Guitar?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Transcribe! is ultimate guitar practice tool that can slow down, pitch shift and loop YouTube videos. Whats really great is they off a FREE 30 Day Trial ! After that it only Cost around £29 or $39 which is a steal considering what it does and how it can improve you as a musician! Read on!

I want to disclose affiliate information. If you make a purchase from a link on this website, I am awarded a small commission from your purchase from the affiliate/referral link. This doesn't affect you in any way in the checkout process.

We have all been there when we are looking on YouTube and a song, a riff or someones playing just interests us and we want to learn and steal it! But where to begin?

Youtube can slow videos down, but its either to fast to too slow to really use as a solid practice tool. Also to cue it up manually is very time consuming and frustrating as it doesn't always take you back to where you want it!.

Whats the Alternative to Practice and Learn things?

You could use the Transcribe! software to help transcribe it for guitar. The Transcribe! software allows you to slow down, pitch shift and loop YouTube videos making it a cinch to transcribe and practice your favourite guitar parts. Not only that, it also allows you to conveniently record and file away innumerable tasty riffs for future reference.

Benefits of Transcribing Music By Ear

Learning to play guitar parts by ear is hard. It takes a lot of skill, practice and patience. However, with the right tools in your possession you can make the process a lot more streamlined. Training your ear as a musician has to the most important thing you can do.

Let’s be clear: Transcribe! isn’t going to do the actual transcribing for you. Whilst this would be nice, currently there exists no piece of software that can actually process audio and spit out musical notation. Anyways, this would be the lazy way and wouldn’t teach you the refined art of transcribing music by ear.

Essentially, Transcribe! is a highly-specialised music program. Its features are optimised for guitarists who want to transcribe and practice a piece of music from YouTube. When you use this amazing piece of tech you’ll be able to slow down, pitch shift and loop YouTube videos until you have worked out the piece by ear.

Transcribe! is not just for guitarists who want to transcribe from YouTube. It is great for any musician and also any form of recorded music file be it mp3, mp4, or wav. However, in this article we are just focusing on guitarists (like you and I) and YouTube.

You already know that YouTube videos can be played at 25% 50% 75% normal speed. But did you know that Transcribe! can break a YouTube video down to incremental steps? Pretty cool, right?

Why is transcribing important?

Put simply: transcribing is amongst the best ways to learn music. It trains your ear and teaches you how to identify the different techniques common amongst guitar players. Say for instance you want to learn how to play one of your favourite guitar solos. A solo may start off easy enough but as it progresses and the playing becomes faster and more intricate, it will be hard for your musical ear to keep up. This is where Transcribe! comes in.

Using this powerful software you will be able to slow down, pitch shift and loop YouTube videos so you can take your time and train your ear to recognise every note played, perfectly. In the good old days, aspiring guitarists would transcribe the riffs of their favourite artists by slowing down the revolutions per minute of an LP on their record players. Time and time again they would cue up the guitar part they were trying to transcribe until eventually they got it right.

Voila! They had just taught themselves how to play music by ear. However, this was far from an easy process. Also, there was another drawback: the pitch of the music would drop thus making it even more of a complex undertaking. Not so when using Transcribe! When you use the Transcribe! software you get all of the benefits of learning to play by ear and none of the problems. What this remarkable piece of software does is make transcribing music from a recording a seamless experience.

When you buy this ultimate practice tool you get the ability to slow down recorded music without changing the pitch. It also analyses the chords played and shows you the notes that are present. Plus, with the added ability to make annotations, you can easily navigate your way around the track. You’ll be jamming like the greats in no time! All off the back of your newfound ability to transcribe music by ear. Rock on!

Take the first step to be a better musician today.

It is said that learning music is a lot like love. First you must learn the rules. Next, you must learn to break the rules and play from your heart. If you’d like to learn how to play music from your heart you need to start by learning how to play music by ear. You’re going to need the Transcribe! software tool to help you slow down, pitch shift and loop YouTube videos.

If you’d like to but this amazing software Click Here for a FREE 30 Day Trial

If you’d love to learn how to play guitar like a professional, get in touch.

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